More Mac Flavors


Thanksgiving Mac (great for the holidays)
Breakfast Mac (breakfast sausage, biscuits and peppers)


Mac and Cheese Pot Pie

Shrimp and Bacon Mac
Pulled Pork Mac

Blue Cheese BLT Mac

Meatloaf Mac

Smoked Gouda & Bacon

Chipolte Gouda and Spinach

Pizza Mac

Cajun Mac with Andouille Sausage

Spinach and Bacon Mac
Barbeque Thai Mac

All White Mac
Carbonara Mac

Mac of Mexico     

Pimento Cheese and Bacon Mac

Mushroom and Swiss Mac
Mac Stroganoff

Mac Reuben
Beer and Sausage Mac

Orzo Mac
Ham and Swiss Mac

Crab Mac
Chicken and Broccoli Mac

Jalapeño and Bacon Mac
Chicken Fajita Mac

St Patty Mac
Jerk Chicken Mac

Poor Man Mac

Veggie Mac
Bacon and Blue Mac

Pumpkin and Swiss Mac

Walnut and Parm Mac

Apple Chicken Sausage Mac

Spinach and Goat Cheese Mac

Garlic White Cheddar Mac

Vodka Mac

Gnocchi Mac

Chorizo Mac

Caprese Mac

Beer and Bacon Mac

Crab and Bacon Mac

Potato Skin Mac

Sweet potato, Spinach and Turkey Mac

Chicken Enchilada Mac

Mediterranean Mac

Crab and Jalapeno Mac

Pesto and Broccoli Mac

Brussel Sprout and Pancetta Mac

White Cheddar Mac with Panko Herb topping

Goat Cheese and Bacon Mac

Shrimp and Feta Mac

Kale White Cheddar Mac with Bacon

Crabcake Mac

Green Chile Mac

Shrimp Mac and Cheese Pot Pie

Crab and Gnocchi Mac

Sausage and Leek Mac

Carmelized Onion Mac

Broccoli and Basil Mac

Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac

Zucchini and Havarti Mac

Roasted Tomato Chipotle Mac

Tortellini Mac

Grilled Cheese Mac with Pulled Mac

Ravoli Mac

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac

Kiddy Mac

Chicken Parm Mac

Shrimp Scampi Mac

Gruyere and Bacon Mac

Tuna Mac

Short Rib Mac

Mac Quack

Green Bean Casserole Mac

Baby Bella Mac

Chicken, Spinach & Sundried Tomato Mac

Butternut Squash and Spinach Mac

8-Cheese Mac

French Onion Mac

Roasted Cauliflower Mac
Guinness Mac

Creamy Avocado Mac

Smoky Poblano Mac

Marsala Mac

Quinoa Mac

Spicy Tomato Mac with Grilled Cheese crust

Carrot Mac

Asiago Mac

Pot Roast Mac


*Whole wheat pasta available

*Gluten free options available


                                   *Tons More.....................               

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